Your Neighbor Can Seize Your Guns Thanks to GOP-Sponsored Oregon Bill

The citizen-triggered siezing of guns based on mere accusations will now become a reality in Oregon thanks to an Oregon Republican lawmaker who partnered with anti-gun, anti-liberty organizations to craft a bill now headed to an anti-gun governor’s desk.
This bill essentially creates a citizen-secret-police force aimed squarely at depriving you of your ability to fully defend yourself, and it is done, as is often the case, in the name of saving lives.

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“Today the Oregon House approved one of the most dangerous, hateful and mean spirited pieces of legislation ever introduced,” Oregon Firearms Federation alerted members Thursday. “SB 719 A, the product of Republican Senator Brian Boquist’s collusion with the most militant anti-gunners in the legislature, will now allow the police to come to your home and confiscate your firearms and ‘deadly weapons’ with no accusation or conviction of a crime. There is NO question this bill will cost people’s lives.”

Boquist’s turning away from gun owner rights advocates who previously supported him weakens their already politically precarious position in “progressive”-dominated Oregon. A former U.S. Army Special Forces officer, he previously enjoyed excellent ratings and support from gun owner rights groups. The catalyst for his conversion was the suicide by gunshot of his Navy veteran stepson.

With his background and his circumstances, all people of good conscience will naturally feel sympathy. But as with so many who lose relatives in incidents involving guns, that sympathy does not give sufferers leave to endanger the lives and the rights of others. That’s especially true when proposed “solutions” rely on unsupported allegations, cast a broad net and ignore fundamentals of due process. Denying rights to citizens who have not been convicted of anything—that is, who are legally “innocent,” is unconstitutional and un-American.

Republican-Sponsored Citizen Disarmament Bill Headed to Anti-Gun Oregon Governor

The real objection is to any American having rights forcibly stripped without full due process.

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