Pentagon Says Troops will Stay in Iraq Indefinitely

The US has no intention of leaving Iraq anytime soon, even after ISIS is fully destroyed.  They’ve gotten their foot back in the Iraqi door and they’re not backing out now.  The intention was mad official recently when the Pentagon declared it had no plans to remove troops after ISIS is defeated.

US Military Will Stay in Syria After ISIS is Defeated, Threatening New Conflict with Russia and Iran

The Pentagon has revealed its intention to keep troops in Syria after the defeat of the Islamic State militant group, despite calls from the country and its Russian and Iranian allies to expel U.S. forces, whose presence they consider illegal.

For years, both the U.S. and Russia have sponsored separate, competing anti-ISIS campaigns in Syria. As Moscow and its allies—which included Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iran—restored government control over the majority of Syria, they have increasingly called into question the continued role of Washington, which was also directly involved in prolonged conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The U.S., which once supported rebels trying to overthrow Assad and later focused on Kurdish militias battling ISIS, said its current presence was necessary as long as the threat of a resurgent ISIS and other Islamist militant groups remained.

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